Sunday, September 14, 2008


We had our first real family outing yesterday. We went up to Snowbird to celebrate bratworst at the German Oktoberfest. Molly was really good, and we got to testdrive the new baby sling thingy that Camille got for her birthday.

Check out the bottom left picture...this is Molly's new trick. I took this right after she landed a back flip from a laying down position. This is how excited she was as soon as we got home from the trip.
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Leanne said...

Oh cry baby. I had no idea there was an Oktoberfest in Snowbird!!! I'm glad you all got out. She's adorable and so is Camille in that sling!

schmiedel family said...

Love love love the picures!!!!! It looks like you guys had a fun day. Oh I remember our first outings... how fun! Enjoy your little family, you are all so cute! Molly whens in cuteness though! :)