Monday, September 29, 2008

an adventure

a few days ago Molly and I decided to go for a walk. I was excited to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall day. The views from our neighborhood are incredible so taking a walk is always enjoyable.  Molly however was not excited and decided to cry most of the time. (I guess she didn't know we were having fun).  We walked down to the mailbox, looked at the three new houses being build on that street, then feeling ambitious I thought it would be fun to walk up to one of the nearby playgrounds. The sunflowers were everywhere and smelled wonderful.  However I did learn some things about going for a walk with a baby:

- inclines that you hardly notice in a car are actually very steep when you are pushing a baby stroller

- bring water when you are pushing a stroller and it's 80+ degree's outside

- bring an ipod to at least blend in with the crying


derek bitter said...

you got molly an ipod already? what a spoiled little girl. all the other babies must be jealous.

schmiedel family said...

a few more weeks and a few more experiences and you will be a pro at this mommy thing! I love the pictures you took,they are amazing! I miss you guys tons! I wish I could be there to help you with Molly and to watch her grow up. Love you!

Meg said...

Try inclines with a double stroller and two babies! Back when I was ambitious and walked up hills with my babies my arms would ache for days. So now I mostly just walk on flat surfaces. At least my babies love, love, love to be out walking. That's what I do to get them to stop crying.

Leanne said...

give that baby a binki! or her thumb. that's what made my babies stop.