Thursday, May 29, 2008


After fourteen attempts of Matt showing me how to blog I think I might have it. It's a miracle!
I really love reading other people blogs but for some reason I have been very reluctant to blog myself.
Maybe its because I hear my high school english teachers voice in my head saying something about knowing who your audience is when you write, and catering to them and with this blogging thing I don't really know who my audience is.....
or maybe it's because I like reading a lot more than writing or maybe I can't imagine anyone wanting to read about our lives.
Whatever the reason I am tossing them all to the wind and am going to keep more up to date with this blog.
I can hear the cheering now......that imaginary audience is thrilled!!

Just a few minutes away from our house is a marina/pier type thing.
We like it.
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Florida continued.....

We loved our trip to FLorida so much, it's really hard not to include all the pictures we took. But alas I will spare you ALL the boring details and include just a few more before moving on to more current events in our lives--

These pics are from a couple of the airboat rides we took. Matt loved the first one so much we went in search of another :) We got to see plenty of birds and alligators oh and a cow..... We were a little too close to the alligators if you ask me

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